Telluride Projects in the News

Telluride Daily Planet

The 2011 workshop was highlighted in a July 17, 2011, Sunday feature in the Telluride Daily Planet  here.

JHU Enginering Magazine

A project that was started in Telluride and continues at The Johns Hopkins University on sensory substitution for the blind is highlighted in this Whiting School of Engineering Magazine. In this project, a glove that senses the color of objects touched by the user is translated into vibrotactile feedback. The humans factors study will measure the extent to which the user can learn and identify different objects based on their color signature.

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New Scientist - C. Elegans Robot

C. elegans robot, based on a Telluride project, featured here:

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Esquire - 6 Geniuses Who Give Us Hope

Kwabena Boahen stands five feet ten. His head is shaved clean, revealing delicate veins that creep like vines up the base of his cranium. Inside, his brain weighs three pounds and runs on twenty watts of power — a third of the power of your average desk lamp. Compare his brain with a laptop computer and the brain wins hands down: Bit for bit, whether you're doing arithmetic or solving crosswords, the brain is a million times more power efficient than your computer. ...

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