2015 Telluride Neuromorphic Cognitive Engineering Workshop Schedule

Sunday 28 June to Saturday 18 July, 2015, Telluride, Colorado.


Contact Shih-Chii Liu for scheduling changes (login to see person links). Click on the Google Calendar link at bottom right of calendar to open it. You can then search it for your name.

The schedule is maintained on the public google calendar Telluride Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering Workshop (  Calendar URL  Calendar ICS file  Calendar XML for feed readers). You can subscribe to the calendar using the Google Calendar button on the lower right of the agenda to view it in your own calendar. The calendar events are entered in GMT-7 time (US mountain time). You may want to set your own calendar preferences to show you the times in Mountain time.

Daily logs

  • The host of each day's morning or evening discussion is responsible for appointing a blogger who ensures that the daily logs have a record of arguments and that they include the presentations and sketches from that day's discussion.
  • Go to wiki:2015/Lectures for lecture abstracts and slides (login required).
  • Login to see the daily logs below

Schedule overview

  • Sundays are free days. The schoolhouse will be open but no breakfast will be served.
  • Breakfast is normally available in the kitchen following the first session.

Week 1: Tutorials and project organization

Sunday: Welcome reception, BBQ, orientation, history of workshop
Monday: Introduction to all topics, and first block of topic area tutorials
Tuesday: Second block of topic area tutorials
Friday: July 4th parade (free day)
Other days of week: Morning discussions and afternoon method tutorials from all topic areas.

Week 2: Second week - Computational Neuroscience week

Daily: morning and evening talks from wiki:2015/cns15 group, followed by topics and methods tutorials
Friday: project demo previews

Week 3: Last week: Finishing projects

Thursday: Final project demos
Friday: Final presentations, packing and cleaning, final dinner
Saturday: Final packing and cleaning