New user help for Telluride Neuromorphic Workshop 2015

For everyone

  1.  Click here to get yourself an INE web account, or check that you still have one.

Otherwise you will not be able to access parts of the workshop wiki.
Changes to INE accounts take up to 15 minutes to propagate back to this wiki.
Enter your full name, your correct email, and a good URL,
since these will appear in the workshop wiki and will be linked back to you.
(Don't worry, the email will not appear unless the person is logged in.)
After your registration with INE propagates back to the neuromorphs.net wiki, you should be able to login to the wiki.

  1. Log in to this page with your ine-web account - (Login link at top-right).  If you forgot your password, go back here to ine-web to recover it.
  1. Subscribe to the participants list on: wiki:2015/MailingLists#participants15 - or you won't receive any further workshop announcements!!
  1. Check here for travel information, including important airport, shuttle, and ride sharing information.
  2. Check your housing assignment to make sure you have a place to sleep.
  1. Subscribe to topics and work groups that interest you or in which you are involved (login required).

If you are an Invitee who was invited by one of the topic areas or directors:

  • subscribe to your topic area in wiki:2015/Workgroups.
  • check wiki:2015/WorkshopSchedule to see your presentation slots.
  • As an invitee, you are responsible for proposing and guiding projects at the workshop. Please discuss with your topic leaders.

If you are Tutorial/practical work group leader:

  • check your practical tutorial description on wiki:2015/Workgroups and your tutorial description itself .

For topic leaders

  1. we want to get projects going quickly.
  2. we want the morning sessions to be discussions centered around a 'problem of the day'.
  3. we want each topic area to present a tutorial in the first 5 days during an afternoon session.
  4. we hope to manage the controlled chaos at the start in a graceful manner.
  5. we hope to minimize passive listening and maximize learning by doing and discussing.

Arranging schedule (topic leaders)

  1. Read the guidelines for presentations? and why they are so and emphasize them to your presenters.
  2. Send activities for your slots directly to Shih-Chii Liu and she will enter them. For now please do not edit the schedule directly.
  3. Edit your topic area page. We have populated the pages as much as we could from the planning docs, the invitee lists (we took the housing list as authoritative on who was actually coming), and our guesses about your plans.

We also left on wiki:2015/Workgroups some of the planned tutorial/practical work groups.